Next steps

My Fellowship and report is just part of my work in this space.

You can keep up with my participatory grantmaking musings on my Medium blog.

I help to coordinate a global community of practice on participatory grantmaking that brings together over 140 practitioners, funders, consultants and researchers through a mailing list, monthly meetings and slack group.

I also currently work for The National Lottery Community Fund and part of my role is to try and test participatory grantmaking approaches as part of our funding model. In this work I am working to:

  • Develop a clear narrative and understanding of participatory grantmaking across the Fund in order to share learning and act as a catalyst for and a beacon of best practice.
  • Develop a feasibility study that allows us to pilot various participatory grantmaking approaches across directorates in order to understand how participatory grantmaking can best support our aims to deliver our People in the Lead ambitions.
  • Share this learning across the fund and externally to understand and develop next steps and be explicit about where this will and will not be rolled out.

If you are interested in engaging with the global community of practice or learning more about my work at The National Lottery Community Fund please get in touch via email ( or on twitter (@patersonhannah).