The Report

Grassroots Grantmaking: Embedding Participatory Approaches in Funding report was developed to try and provide some answers and insights into some of the common questions or challenges  those who are wanting to use participatory grantmaking face.

I am not a fan of long reports. I tend to read the executive summary and not much else. I’ve tried to make this report as easy to read as possible by compiling short sections on various themes and topics so the reader can dip in and out, using the table of contents to access the issues you are most interested in.

The report covers topics such as: 

  • The models of participatory grantmaking
  • The drivers of participatory grantmaking
  • Systematic change through participatory grantmaking
  • Evaluating participatory grantmaking
  • Case studies of participatory grantmakers
  • Operationalising participatory grantmaking and
  • Getting your board on board.  

You can read the report here: 

Grassroots grantmaking embedding participatory approaches in funding

If you require this report in another format please do email: Thank you